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14. RENEGADE: Research Network on Genetic Algorithm Development
Investigator(s): Professor Tom Addis and Mrs Jan Townsend-Addis

Renegade was a European research group set up to provide tools for genetic algorithm development. Our part in the consortium was to specify the processes involved in parallel genetic algorithm as applied to bridge design and economic models. The processes have been implemented on the Clarity visual programming language as both a demonstration of the power of Clarity and the flexibility of the Genetic Algorithm. Results for bridge design showed a reduction in weight and improvement in strength on the unrealistic test models that were used. These results demonstrate the utility of this approach and offer the prospect of further useful development with more realistic physical models.

Addis T.R (1994). "A Functional Approach to Creating Evolutionary Models for Engineering Design Illustrated by a "Bridge Design". In: Bramer MA (Ed) Expert Systems 94 Research and Development in Expert Systems XII. Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Technical Conference of the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Expert Systems. SGES Publications England, pp275-285