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22. DAD: A Knowledge-Based System for Administrative Forms Processing
Investigator(s): Mike Moulton

A familiar problem in many organisations is that of administrative form-filling. Forms are used for a variety of purposes and activities, from applying for a job to claiming personal expenses. Often forms are incorrectly filled in, causing additional workload to those involved in processing them. Forms are invariably seen by employees as both time-consuming and difficult to complete. This project constitutes an attempt to address the problem. It describes the development of DAD (an acronym for Document ADvisor), an online system for automating some of the tasks associated with forms. The system is rule-based and can be easily upgraded to reflect changing business requirements. An application for personal expense claiming has been successfully developed.

M.Moulton (1994). DAD - A Knowledge-Based System for Administrative Forms Processing. In "Applications and Innovations in Expert Systems II" (eds. R.Milne and A.Montgomery), SGES Publications, pp. 307-318.