The Inducer Classification Workbench

(c) M.A.Bramer 1998-2003

The Inducer classification workbench has been developed to provide the user with a range of options and facilities for automatic classification of data based on examples. It incorporates several variants of two well-known classification rule generation algorithms: TDIDT (which produces classification rules in the intermediate form of a classification tree) and Prism (which generates modular rules directly) as well as two classification algorithms that do not generate rules (Nearest Neighbour and Naive Bayes). Information about some of the algorithms used by Inducer is available here.

A variety of datasets are provided for use with the package. Users' own datasets can also be processed.

Inducer is designed to be easy to use. It has a graphical user interface that makes it easy for new users to get started but enables the expert user to select from a wide range of options. There is extensive on-line documentation.

Inducer Tutorial 1 (Word 2000 file)

Inducer Tutorial 2 (Word 2000 file)

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Inducer 6.0 (free download available) Java Application - requires Java 1.6. Suitable for Linux or Windows platform (August 2010)

Inducer 5.6 (free download available) Java Applet - for Windows platform only. Standard version (August 2009)

Inducer 5.5 (free download available) Java Applet - for Windows platform only. Earlier version